Mandatory criteria for obtaining the Trusted Organizer status on the VK Play Tournaments platform:

1. The minimum number of completed tournaments with or without prize money on the platform by the number of participants:

16-32 participants - 15 tournaments;
32-64 participants - 10 tournaments;
64+ participants - 7 tournaments.
2. Absence of paid tournaments - the prize fund of which is formed by contributions from tournament participants, both in the present and in the future.

3. No complaints about the tournaments held by this organization.

Complaints about the issuance of prizes;
Making decisions contrary to the tournament regulations;
Lack of administration / referees during the tournament;
Inappropriate behavior of representatives of the organization in public communication channels, etc.
4. The presence of a public on social networks. Number of subscribers from 200 people.

5. Having a youtube / twitch channel of the organization with live broadcasts / cutscenes of tournaments will be an additional advantage.

6. The presence of constant communication between representatives of the organization with potential participants through social networks and the tournament server Discord.

7. Strict adherence to the official rules of the game.

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