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Very low download speed

This can be your initial download of the game’s distribution or updates!

Temporarily pause any downloads going on in your download managers (uTorrent, Download Master, etc.) or, if possible, reduce their download speeds. We do not recommend you download distributions onto external drives or into system folders (like Program Files, Desktop, etc.).

If you have antivirus software installs (or a firewall) temporarily disable it or try to configure it not to interfere with GamingCenter’s processes. Then restart the GamingCenter.

If these recommendations did not help, contact our experts by following the link below.

Provide them with a detailed description of the problem, making sure to include the version of your operating system, which antivirus software you are running and what firewall you have installed.

If necessary, attach a screenshot.


Please note: The GamingCenter must be open and running when you create and send queries.